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Time is the most valuable resource. Spending days learning new skills and loading up on in-depth knowledge doesn’t sound appealing to most. When calling on a digital marketing consultant, you can lean on their expertise to save time, but more importantly, not repeat their past mistakes.

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Mistakes → Experience
Knowledge → Insights

As a human, I know life is a little messy.

It takes a few frying-pans-whacking-the-side-of-your-head moments to gain true wisdom. It also takes quite a few successes to offer the knowledge of insights. As a consultant, I’m not here to regurgitate information anyone can Google; I’m here to help solve problems and guide.

Is it like therapy?

With an experienced consultant on your side, you’re giving yourself time. Time to pursue your primary objectives and time saved from wading through a mountain of literature. At Human Friend, I want to work with you every step of the way, like a therapist. I will listen and offer guidance on ways to improve your digital life. Though, unlike a therapist, I’m going to get down in the dirt with you, crack open that website of yours, and problem-solve like it’s my problem too.

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Areas of Consulting and Active Partnership

These are activities I will get down in the dirt with you on.

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Areas of Consulting

Although I’d love to help with everything I can, I must set a few limits. The following are areas of digital marketing in which I have experience and can offer guidance and insights. However, I may need to add an outside organization to do the hard work or train a member of your staff to rise to the challenge.
  • Branding and Graphic Design
  • Digital Advertising (CPC)
  • Physical Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Social media
  • And other things you might need.

clients / tesimonials

Friendships with excellent results.

After years of redesigns and long-term consulting, I've done and seen a few things. These clients are some of my favorite stories to share.

“ ”

Since partnering with Jacob and Human Friend, OMS Photography has witnessed an incredible transformation in our business reach and impact. Previously, our regional and national presence was lacking, but with their expertise, our web content expanded significantly, surpassing 100 pages. They revitalized our digital presence and motivated our photographers to diversify their portfolios, catering to our clients' needs.

Before this collaboration, our incoming calls and web inquiries were scarce. Now, we are delighted to receive a mix of over 120 emails and calls each month. What's even more rewarding is that many of these inquiries transition into long-term client relationships. Jacob's professionalism and extensive marketing knowledge have been invaluable, continually yielding substantial returns on our efforts.

Scott Burchett
Partner, OMS Photo

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