Buyer Persona Creation

Marketing is a social science. Every offering requires unique positioning and messaging. Deciding that without a bit of science means inconsistent results. I can’t deny intuition is the seed of innovation, but a well-developed buyer persona is the fertilizer that makes everything grow.


Become a Mind Reader

Personas =
Consistent Messaging and Easier Content Creation

With a persona in your hand, writing content becomes significantly more manageable and consistent. When you are inside the mind of your ideal customer, you know which topics and pain points resonate. You can frame any subject around their ultimate success. All this to say, before your website users fill out the contact form, they will be far more likely to buy.

They have been convinced you understand their problems and you will provide the future they desire.

Elements of a Buyer Persona

Identifying Personas

Several questions can identify your ideal customer, but one is more accessible than most - who was your favorite and most profitable client this year?

It's good to imagine an actual human on the other end of this process - What convinced them? What made it so successful? What did they love? What did they dislike? Then, it's time to zoom out more broadly and talk about your market and customers holistically. By balancing your favorite client with your overall targets, insights pop up, and you can focus on attracting the other humans you like.

Through the process, I will help you identify the following key insights about your customer.

This will cover the classic topics like education, income, and job titles, but also important factors such as how they are evaluated in their careers and day-to-day responsibilities.
These are the qualities of the future our persona personally wants to achieve. What aspirational vision do they want to accomplish with a product or service like yours?
After the persona selects a few vendors or products they might want to purchase - what are the factors that decide a final purchase? And don’t just say price! Of course, price is a factor - I want to push you to uncover the characteristics they value.
These trigger events set the persona on the journey to find a product or service like yours. Knowing how the journey begins frames everything.
This is a personal favorite. Why does your persona fear selecting a product or service like yours? Overcoming these barriers is crucial to success.
Finally, to complete the whole picture, we go through every step of their journey from the beginning to the end, find what questions they ask, and identify the points of friction in the process.
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Interviews are the Gem Mine

In order to dig up all these valuable gems of information, interviews are everything. I’ll want to interview you, members of your sales teams, and a few customers themselves. Customers who purchased from you and those who did not. Every interview yields more and more insights, and the interview with the customers is the best way to confirm all our assumptions.
clients / tesimonials

Friendships with excellent results.

After years of redesigns and long-term consulting, I've done and seen a few things. These clients are some of my favorite stories to share.

“ ”

Working with Jacob and his team has been exceptional! He has completely redesigned our website structure and crafted our SEO strategy, which has significantly enhanced our online presence and keyword rankings. Would highly recommend working with them!

Olivia Mihaljevic
Founder, LIVD App

“ ”

Jacob is an absolute gem. He's easy (and fun!) to work with, a great communicator, and has added a ton of value to the projects he's helped us out with. I would definitely recommend working with Jacob/Human Friend!

Katie Bregenzer
Owner, Best Website

“ ”

Before working with Jacob and his peeps I didn't know what a game changer having a solid SEO and digital marketing strategy would be. Prior to our collaboration, incoming calls and web inquiries were scarce, now we are delighted to receive a mix of over 120 emails and calls each month. Many of the new inquiries transition into long-term client relationships. Jacob's professionalism and extensive marketing knowledge have been invaluable. I highly recommend.

Scott Burchett
Partner, OMS Photo

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