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This kind of work has a clear logic, but it can feel like a digital rain dance. Having a friend to guide you through this process means the difference between a good harvest and a drought.

let's hit the road

SEO Strategy + Your Website Roadmap

Keyword research and sitemaps

After we create a Buyer Persona together that delves into the mind of your ideal customer, we dive into keyword research. This entails gathering straightforward keywords related to your products and services and long-tail and niche keywords that identify areas of low competition and high buying intent.

With in-depth keyword research, it's time to see how your current website achieves these goals. Does each and every primary keyword topic have a landing page? Are you ready with blog topics to write about? Once gaps are identified, it's time to plan to address everything.

I will create a detailed site outline document that clearly maps the road to success for every keyword while balancing the functional needs of your business.

get your pencils ready

Content Creation & Optimization

User’s go to search engines to learn

After using the detailed and keyword-targeted site map developed in the last step, it's time to start writing content and gathering visuals. At the heart of search engine algorithms is the power of educating content. The content we write must be informative and engaging. To help create that content, I recommend a mix of human copywriters, AI tools, and leveraging all our expertise to create compelling content.

This is not just about writing a ton of content but includes captivating photos, illustrations, and video visuals that keep the users on your site.

the nerd zone

On-Page + Technical SEO optimizations

It's time to please the search engine algorithms gods. With your content improvements ready, let's get that site polished. This process includes the following areas of consideration, which I and a team of devs will help you implement.

  • Page Tiles and Meta descriptions, and ALT text - The text that appears on the search engine results page (SERP) and the descriptions of the images on your site.
  • Schema Mark Up - A powerful but technical HTML markup that informs search engines about the service/product offerings of your business, location, reviews, and content. All of which can also appear in SERP.
  • Technical Audits - Search engines prefer to avoid sites with broken links, too many 301 redirects, sloppy code, too much code, or a lousy HTML structure. It's time to clean the house.
  • Speed Improvements - A slow site is frowned upon by your users, and we can't have that. As far as SEO is concerned, I'm going to be frank. I've worked with quite a few companies over the years with blazing-fast websites, and they ranked well. However, I've worked with a few sites with mediocre page speed scores, and they also ranked well. It's also about the competition in the SERP than simply fast or slow.

I will work with your devs, or my devs, to improve your site to the best of our ability while balancing designs and functionality.

link juice is the juice

Link Building Strategies

Arguably the most challenging topic of SEO. The goal is to gain links to your website over time that prove your authority and expertise in your content space. This mix of highly informative content, free offerings, tools, or games will help your community and cultivate offline connections in your community that can turn into cross promotions online.

I will work closely with you on the best strategies that make sense for your business and its current standing in your community.

build your reputation

Local SEO strategy

Let the next rain dance begins. This is not only about keywords and text content. This is about showing up consistently with high-quality reviews across local platforms. Once your site is optimized, I will use that as a framework to promote your brand across all relevant directory-style websites (Google Maps, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc). The goal is to show a local community presence with a stellar reputation.

We will work together to build a local strategy that distributes your business information consistently while hand-picking specialty platforms relevant to your buyers.

data data everywhere

Web Analytics +
Ranking Reports

Throughout the process, we will track results and progress. Learn from the successes and learn from the stumbles. Every month or bi-weekly, you will receive reports detailing your website analytics, search engine ranking reports, and local SEO analytics.
always be closing

Conversion Rate Optimization, for Friends

Once the user lands on your website, it’s up to your content and designs to convert that person from an unknown human into a customer and friend for your business. The logic of this process requires a series of essential steps.
What is every step in the process of your customer? From the beginning of their search for a solution to the follow-up after sales, how does your brand interact with your customers? How can we improve those points, reduce friction, and create offerings or conversion points digitally?
Once we understand how your customers can interact and benefit from your organization, it's time to find a way to convert. The basics are contact forms, add-to-carts, quote requests, newsletter sign-ups, etc. But our goal is to find those hidden paths to convert more and more customers earlier in the journey.
With established goals and plans in place, using a mix of heat map tracking and live user testing, we will do our best to determine whether our conversion rate optimization efforts succeed or fail. Are the buttons easily seen? Are they tripping up on forms? Are they getting lost in the content? By having actual data, I can dive in and improve the process.
Throughout the process, we will track results and progress. Learn from the successes and learn from the stumbles.
Periodically, we will review the whole process again to find new insights or implement new conversion rate improvement ideas.
clients / tesimonials

Friendships with excellent results.

After years of redesigns and long-term consulting, I've done and seen a few things. These clients are some of my favorite stories to share.

“ ”

Working with Jacob and his team has been exceptional! He has completely redesigned our website structure and crafted our SEO strategy, which has significantly enhanced our online presence and keyword rankings. Would highly recommend working with them!

Olivia Mihaljevic
Founder, LIVD App

“ ”

Jacob is an absolute gem. He's easy (and fun!) to work with, a great communicator, and has added a ton of value to the projects he's helped us out with. I would definitely recommend working with Jacob/Human Friend!

Katie Bregenzer
Owner, Best Website

“ ”

Before working with Jacob and his peeps I didn't know what a game changer having a solid SEO and digital marketing strategy would be. Prior to our collaboration, incoming calls and web inquiries were scarce, now we are delighted to receive a mix of over 120 emails and calls each month. Many of the new inquiries transition into long-term client relationships. Jacob's professionalism and extensive marketing knowledge have been invaluable. I highly recommend.

Scott Burchett
Partner, OMS Photo

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