Digital Marketing Services

Success online is built around select core elements. The goal is to lay a solid and flexible digital foundation ready to become what you need when you need it.

what we do


The services provided by Human Friend are designed to re-start or kick-start your digital marketing engine. The primary objective is to ensure that beneath the surface, your business is primed for the digital era. Of course, I'm also here to assist with the aesthetics. However, a beautifully designed exterior means little to the bottom line if the way you align with your customers is not engaging.
Digital Marketing Consulting

The first place we start is consulting because, like a therapist or a cardiologist, our relationship must be built on trust and transparency. As a digital marketing consultant, I will get to know you and your business, analyze what you’re doing well, address what needs improvement, and help your team prepare for whatever is next.

SEO + CRO Services

This is the part where I argue with robots, so you don’t have to. It’s the most technical and
side of digital marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) are a mix of pleasing algorithms and conversing with humans simultaneously.

Buyer Persona Creation

Something magical happens when your business is in perfect alignment with your users. You’re delivering success like it’s easy. If you can predict your customers’ questions before they contact you and lay it all out on your website, you will win their trust. It feels like magic, but it’s social science. To do that, you need buyer personas.

Web Development and Design

Having a well-designed and developed website is everything. (At this point in history, unless you’re a start-up, you’ve seen this show before.) I’ve become an expert at wading through piles of creative work, picking out the highlights, and distilling them into a cohesive online narrative. There’s a method I’ve developed that yields consistent results time after time.

Web Analytics

Data is the proof of success. By offering detailed reports about your digital performance, we can learn from the past and plan for your future.

Website Maintenance

Many of us need a go-to problem solver in our lives. When working on a website, I know I’m on the right track if I’m genuinely mending its issues. However, in this digital realm, solving one problem can sometimes lead to another. That’s why having seasoned problem-solvers is essential before taking the plunge.

Digital Contractor Management

You know it’s in English, but you still need a translator. Designed with clients who don’t want to learn a new language in mind – digital contractor management seeks to provide a plain English translation of agreements with a variety of digital services, so you’re not feeling fleeced, conned, hood-winked, or lost when you have to sign on a dotted line.

Photo + Video

OK, the Content is “King,” but the visuals are the Queen, Rooks, and Knights. Your message can be conveyed in less than a second with the right visuals. I can directly connect you with some of the best photo and video friends in the world.