Photo + Video Production

13 milliseconds. That’s how long it takes your brain to process an image*. Having the correct first impressions means everything to keep your users engaged. However, figuring out professional photos and videos can feel just as costly and time-consuming as website development. A friend with the right experience can change that.

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Shot Lists and Vendor Selection

Knowing what you need for a digital campaign or website development can feel like putting the cart before the horse. Until you have the design and website, what visual elements you need can feel out of reach. As a digital marketing friend, I’ve got the experience. I worked as a marketing director for a photography studio for several years. What Human Friend can offer is helping you with initial shot lists and the right vendors to guide you the rest of the way.

No, I’m not a photographer or video director. My place in the process is to guide and connect.

Knowing what you need is everything to getting accurate quotes and timely deliverables. This begins with a shot list. Through the development of digital campaigns, it’s often easy to identify gaps in your content, and then you need to decide what will fill those holes and be flexible for the future.

As a friend, I can help you develop a tidy shot list with scenario ideas, art direction, prop ideas, and more. With a detailed list in hand, I can then connect you with photographers and Videographers.

The difference between a good photo and video partner and a bad one is if you feel validated at the end. Did the creatives bring your vision to life and make it feel spectacular?

I have long-lasting relationships with OMS Photo. OMS is the best in the industry, with an impressively long list of capabilities. I will recommend them first. The unique synergy of working closely with OMS Photo ensures the final product aligns with business objectives and exceeds expectations. Check out their site to learn more.

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