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Friends are always telling you to focus on what matters. By creating detailed web analytics reports you can follow and improve the Key Performance Indexes (KPIs) - the data that matters to your business. The goal here is to ensure that every visitor to your site isn't just a number, but a tangible human that can teach what's working and what isn't with your digital marketing.

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Top Key Performance Indicators

KPIs are Vital for Your Business
The realm of digital marketing performance is vast and brimming with data. While it's tempting to get lost in the sheer amount of information, it's essential to focus on the pivotal metrics.

Please don't think the following is where the KPIs end. This is the beginning.

Our North Star is conversion. Through intricate analytics, we aim to turn casual visitors into staunch advocates. It's simple math. If you increase your conversion rate from 1% to 3%, it can mean the difference between 20 form fills a month to 60.

  • Why This Matters: Massive web traffic means little if it doesn't translate into tangible leads or sales. With tailored strategies, your website can enhance the likelihood of customer commitment.
The aim is to ensure a steady uptick in potential customers visiting your site. This KPI is the easiest to digest and measure marketing campaigns.

  • Why This Matters: Elevating site traffic with rich, relevant content increases the odds of visitors transitioning into customers.
When you monitor various channels like Organic Search, Direct, Organic Social, Paid, Email, and more - you uncover insights into the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategies.

  • Why This Matters: Holding your digital campaigns accountable enables a more intelligent allocation of your marketing budget.
Merely attracting visitors isn't our endgame. We strive to ensure they engage, participate, and convert.

  • Why This Matters: In the era preceding GA4, bounce rates were a primary metric. Though the perspective is different, it's still about crafting a digital space that holds attention, leading to higher chances of conversion.
A strong presence in search results doesn't just boost traffic. If honed in on the right keywords, it can significantly drive sales.

  • Why This Matters: SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. However, once you dominate search rankings, aspects like ad placements, link building, and reputation management become significantly easier.
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Unlock Actionable Insights

Data Visualization
By harnessing the power of data, a fined-tuned website grows all our KPIs. However, a series of dense data tables helps a little. What every organization needs is visual reports that let you understand the information quickly and in a way that almost anyone on the team can present.
  • Google Analytics 4 Tracking: Embrace cutting-edge tracking capabilities, diving deep into nuanced user behaviors and tendencies.
  • Plausible Analytics: Experience comprehensive reporting that's fully GDPR-compliant, safeguarding data privacy.
  • SEMrush Automated Website and Search Engine Reports: Maintain a keen eye on vital metrics, from keyword rankings and site health to link profiles and beyond.
  • Google Ads Monitoring: Spend every ad dollar well by tracking performance and conversions meticulously.
  • Intuitive Dashboards via Data Studio: Distill complex data into user-friendly, printable dashboards. Pure insights, devoid of jargon.

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Friendships with excellent results.

After years of redesigns and long-term consulting, I've done and seen a few things. These clients are some of my favorite stories to share.

“ ”

Working with Jacob and his team has been exceptional! He has completely redesigned our website structure and crafted our SEO strategy, which has significantly enhanced our online presence and keyword rankings. Would highly recommend working with them!

Olivia Mihaljevic
Founder, LIVD App

“ ”

Jacob is an absolute gem. He's easy (and fun!) to work with, a great communicator, and has added a ton of value to the projects he's helped us out with. I would definitely recommend working with Jacob/Human Friend!

Katie Bregenzer
Owner, Best Website

“ ”

Before working with Jacob and his peeps I didn't know what a game changer having a solid SEO and digital marketing strategy would be. Prior to our collaboration, incoming calls and web inquiries were scarce, now we are delighted to receive a mix of over 120 emails and calls each month. Many of the new inquiries transition into long-term client relationships. Jacob's professionalism and extensive marketing knowledge have been invaluable. I highly recommend.

Scott Burchett
Partner, OMS Photo

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Data isn't action. The real win is in the conversion. Human Friend excels in fine-tuning your website, content, and user pathways, ensuring visitors do more than browse — they engage. By channeling users towards becoming devoted customers, we directly boost your profitability.

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