Website Maintenance

After your site is launched, or maybe you’ve experienced some recent staffing changes, you need a website steward. I do not seek to overwhelm anyone with extra or non-descriptive maintenance tasks. The goal here is to offer a few key offerings that are flexible.

help is on the way

A friend to help you make changes.

A real friend looks out for the essentials. After that, I can consult with you on customized solutions. Here are the top areas I can aid with regularly.

  • Regular Updates: Theme, plugins, and core CMS.
  • Backup Management: Routine website and database backups.
  • Security Monitoring: Continuous surveillance for threats and immediate action.
  • Bug Fixes: Prompt identification and resolution.
  • Performance Checks: Monitor site speed and performance while offering recommended improvements.
  • Content Updates: Refresh text images or add new blog posts and pages as needed.

Note: Which of these activities applies to you may depend on the website CMS and configuration you currently have in place. If I can’t do it, I know a few people who can.

Optional Hosting

Hosting is where your website lives on the internet. For simple and negotiated rates, I can host your website monthly and monitor necessary updates. If any issue arises, I will inform you of what’s happening and get your approval to implement the changes. If severely urgent problems occur, such as a cyber security issue or anything affecting your website uptime, I will solve them and work out everything else later.

a few easy steps

How to get rolling

Whenever you're ready to call up a friend for help, there are a few simple steps to start.

  • Evaluation: Begin by reviewing the current state of your website. Which DNS, Hosting, and CMS platforms are you using? What challenges are you encountering presently? What visions do you have for your website's future?
  • Strategy Formulation: We'll determine the exact nature of the support you require and align it with your budget. How frequently should we review progress - quarterly, monthly, or bi-weekly? Are there specific concerns that necessitate a detailed project estimate?
  • Execution: We'll delve into the tasks, ensuring timely completion and regular check-ins at predetermined intervals.
clients / tesimonials

Friendships with excellent results.

After years of redesigns and long-term consulting, I've done and seen a few things. These clients are some of my favorite stories to share.

“ ”

Since partnering with Jacob and Human Friend, OMS Photography has witnessed an incredible transformation in our business reach and impact. Previously, our regional and national presence was lacking, but with their expertise, our web content expanded significantly, surpassing 100 pages. They revitalized our digital presence and motivated our photographers to diversify their portfolios, catering to our clients' needs.

Before this collaboration, our incoming calls and web inquiries were scarce. Now, we are delighted to receive a mix of over 120 emails and calls each month. What's even more rewarding is that many of these inquiries transition into long-term client relationships. Jacob's professionalism and extensive marketing knowledge have been invaluable, continually yielding substantial returns on our efforts.

Scott Burchett
Partner, OMS Photo

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