Web Development and Design

Web Development and Design

What is a website? It seems funny to ask this now, decades after the first website existed, but can you answer it clearly and succinctly?

We all know our favorite organizations can only succeed with one now, but each website is different while floating in a never-ending sea of possibilities. It is easy to miss the fundamental facets to leverage.


A Website Is What It Is.

Metaphorically, a website is an illusion. Without one single ingredient, electricity, and poof - the internet in its entirety is gone.

Practically speaking, a website is both the reflection of a group of people's ideals and a presentation of offerings to fellow humans. It's a way to communicate with another person that transcends physical boundaries and is available any time of the day or night.

Before the internet to share ideas or present a product, you and another person would need a place and time that aligned. Or place physical items in hopes they are seen. Now, with one device in your pocket, all places, at all times, are not places people can learn.

With this fundamental insight, the best websites always remember these three principles and aim to empower users, not trick or hide information.

  • All websites are illusions - without electricity, websites are a mirage. This means all possibilities of your imagination are available to pursue. Some ideas may be more complex than others but do not limit yourself.
  • All websites are a reflection - They can present everything about your organization fully and completely.
  • All websites transcend a need for place or time - A website is up and running 24/7. If you put all your knowledge and offerings openly and freely on your website, your users can be fully empowered to make well-informed decisions.
how to make it happen

A road map for website development success.

To turn your website into a powerful tool for your organization's success, we have developed a process that consistently delivers high-quality results considering these principles. We will admit this process is not about being flashy. It's about getting you over the mountain pass to new adventures. The road can be long or short, tedious or thrilling, and even coldly logical or warmly whimsical. This framework gives us a path, and your ideas dictate the journey.

Here is the five phase process for success.
Each section contains a simple-to-read list of deliverables.
Website Goals
  • A clear definition of your website offerings (product, services, mission etc).
  • A clear definition of website visitor and conversion goals.
  • A clear understanding of all website features and integrations
  • If applicable, a discussion of future visual content needs for photography and video. It’s time to begin organizing shoots.

Buyer Persona(s)

  • At least one detailed buyer persona. We will define the buyer's lifestyle, priority initiatives, success factors, perceived barriers, decision criteria, and questions asked along the buyer’s journey.

SEO Strategy

  • Perform keyword research to define primary and secondary keywords
  • Create a detailed site outline listing every website page matched with selected keywords.

Finalize Scope

  • Combine the Website goals and SEO Strategy and agree to this refined scope.

Benchmark Reports

  • If applicable, we will run benchmark analytics reports on the current website, including Google analytics data and keyword position tracking.
Content Strategy
  • A clear definition of the way we will talk to our buyer is defined in the persona. We will determine the tone and how we will address priority initiatives, success factors, perceived barriers, and decision criteria using content. What are the types of content we need, testimonials, case studies, and photo galleries?

Mood Board & Design Concepts

  • We will define the mood, or look and feel, of the brand’s website.


  • A set of outlines and wire frames to guide both content presentations and usability.

Mock-Up of Site

  • Designers will create a site mockup, including a home page, contact page, generic content pages, blog, and various content types (ex., rooms, events, etc).
  • Designs will be for mobile and desktop.

Note: This begins alongside phase 4.

  • All the pages defined in the SEO site outline will have content written.
  • All the pages will also receive SEO-optimized page titles and meta descriptions and appropriate schema needs.

Visual Content

  • Clients will gather all visual content pieces required.
  • If applicable, photo or video shoots should have been scheduled for this time.

WireFrames part two.

  • New content ideas arise during this phase. Additional wireframes are created in the place of full mock-ups.
Build and Develop
  • The web development team will set up a web server and build the site.
  • There will be a development website to monitor site build.
  • The development team will implement all content and visuals as they are completed.
  • All website features and integrations will be implemented as well.
Live User Testing
  • After the site is deemed “complete,” we will begin a live user testing period to review the website's usability.

Implement Needed Changes

  • All bugs and issues need to be addressed and fixed.

Launch Site

  • Follow the launch checklist and ensure all SEO requirements are met.
  • Change over the domain
  • Check all forms/conversion points, features, and integrations are working on the live domains

Post- Launch Follow Up

  • Review the site launch checklist again.


clients / tesimonials

Friendships with excellent results.

After years of redesigns and long-term consulting, I've done and seen a few things. These clients are some of my favorite stories to share.

“ ”

Working with Jacob and his team has been exceptional! He has completely redesigned our website structure and crafted our SEO strategy, which has significantly enhanced our online presence and keyword rankings. Would highly recommend working with them!

Olivia Mihaljevic
Founder, LIVD App

“ ”

Jacob is an absolute gem. He's easy (and fun!) to work with, a great communicator, and has added a ton of value to the projects he's helped us out with. I would definitely recommend working with Jacob/Human Friend!

Katie Bregenzer
Owner, Best Website

“ ”

Before working with Jacob and his peeps I didn't know what a game changer having a solid SEO and digital marketing strategy would be. Prior to our collaboration, incoming calls and web inquiries were scarce, now we are delighted to receive a mix of over 120 emails and calls each month. Many of the new inquiries transition into long-term client relationships. Jacob's professionalism and extensive marketing knowledge have been invaluable. I highly recommend.

Scott Burchett
Partner, OMS Photo

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